About Us

About Us:

Kari grew up in Fairfax County, but relocated to Richmond, VA in 2011 to start a Master’s degree in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She currently works a Clinical Social Worker, doing counseling work with teens and adults.  Outside of work, she’s happiest at the gym, thrifting, listening to NRP, working in the yard, and spending time with family and friends.

Daniel was raised in an Air Force family, spending his childhood in Panama, Kansas, Alabama, Rhode Island, and Hampton.  He moved to Richmond in 2010, finding his first job after college working as a GIS technician for Timmons Group.  Daniel loves maps (hence the GIS gig), the Richmond Kickers, brewing, Jesus, and playing classical guitar.  Daniel has lived in Richmond longer than any of his previous hometowns and it’s easily his favorite city.

Kari + Daniel– They met in Spring 2013 through a young adult church group.  As two quiet-types, it took a long time to become friends and then flirt with the idea of dating.  After two failed dating attempts, finally, in June 2016 everything clicked and a little more than a year into their relationship they became engaged.  Because they don’t shy away from challenges, they decided to make things messy and buy their first home two months into wedding planning.  While it’s been stressful, and there have been many tears, it has been a beautiful start a lifetime together.

Why should you keep reading?  They may be enthusiastic, but surely how no idea what they are doing– stick around for what is sure to be a roller coaster ride!