Our Ballroom Dancing Retreat

From the Zillow Listing- Our master bedroom before any updates
Daniel and I chose not to live together before we were married.  Which meant when I moved to the house the master bedroom was ALL mine.  Even knowing Daniel would soon move into the house, I still managed to fill both closets and claim “my side” of the bed.  The room was truly one of the few “blank slates” in the house- the previous owners threw on a coat of flat white paint (seeming to sell the house).  If we had a longer engagement I probably would have turned the room into a girly paradise filled with mementos from my travels abroad.  But, alas, I saved this room makeover for once we were married.


I truly wanted to make our bedroom a retreat- someplace cozy, filled with pictures, with a quite corner to read a book or drink coffee.  Daniel easily wins the award for being the most easy-going person and I certainly can be quite particular and vocal.  Therefore, I felt like it was reasonable to respect Daniel’s main wishes for the room: keep the bed in its current position (for feng shui purposes), no white furniture, and no color schemes featuring pink.

the starting selections.

You probably are sensing that I love neutral color schemes, with touches of color, but a beige bedroom seemed too boring.  We settled on green and had fun picking our favorites.  The winner was Valspar’s Ballroom Dancing, such a fitting name after our sprint to learn basic ballroom dancing before our wedding.

We purchased IKEA nightstands off Nextdoor earlier this year, and decided to purchase matching dressers.  I love the styling of the Hemnes line- a touch of modernity without clashing with my more traditional style. God bless Daniel for having the patience to assemble IKEA furniture- no amount of curse words could have gotten me through that task 😉

We finished the room with a few other additions- a pair of lights my parents were no longer using, a carpet we bought from Nextdoor, and a sitting chair from Wayfair.  We styled the room with pictures from our engagement and wedding, as well as a Brian Andreas print which previously hung in my office, and a watercolor my dad gave me as a souvenir from Russia.

With busy lives, it is so nice to come home to a space that feels like a retreat.

“I don’t know who we’ll become in the days ahead. I only know the quiet voice in my heart that says we’ll become it together.” -Brian Andreas

Hope you love it too!

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