Kari vs. Carrie

This year I set the New Year’s resolution to write more, which is partially why I started this blog.  Now that 2018 is nearing its end, I’m starting to realize that while I have written a lot this year, most of it was not what I envisioned.  Instead of sitting at my laptop collecting my thoughts à la Carrie Bradshaw style, I spent a lot of time writing progress notes at work, writing emails to wedding vendors, writing thank you notes to thoughtful friends and family, and writing job applications.  Not exactly the “fun” writing I imagined.

The last couple of months I have fallen into this trap of feeling “not good enough”– as a WRITER, as a wife, as a homeowner, as a new employee, and as a friend.  Seeing the trap for what it is (what Brene Brown calls a “shame spiral”) is half the battle.  To that end, I am trying to be patient with myself and be more discerning of my time.  Inspired by the Konmari method, I am trying to keep the things in my life that bring joy, and part with some of the things that do not.  Lately, that has looked like skipping the gym to make time for a walk outside or saying no to social plans to make time to unwind.

 I have really fallen for the Powhite Park in the last month- just a quick walk feels like a total escape. 

I am also trying to give myself a little credit- the big year of change is almost over, and I made it!  Never again will I get engaged, buy a house, get married, quit my job, and change work specialties within one year!  Good thing I love Daniel and our house very much, and I am finally building some traction with my new job– these seem to make the growing pains feel worthwhile.  I can only hope that 2019 will be blissfully boring.

With that quite long introduction, I would like to share pictures of our guest bedroom!  This room has been “done” for a while, but I just never got around to sharing it here.

I painted the three floral canvases in high school- it nice to find a home for them.

The guest bedroom came together fairly easily soon after we moved.  In a happy accident, we discovered one of my old bedding sets matched the paint we used in the dining room, so we settled on a teal and white color scheme with pops of coral and yellow.  Since Daniel veto’ed my white furniture for our bedroom, I used my old dresser and nightstand here.  I rounded out the room with a chair that used to be in the living room and some Nextdoor furniture finds (another table and carpet).  My parents gifted us with a bed frame and mirror they no longer needed after downsizing.  Easy as that!

Since I reference Sex and the City, I can’t resist the opportunity to share this oldy, but goody!




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