Stairway To Heaven

Of course I have not fact-checked this, but I would say 50% of the time Daniel picks up his guitar he starts playing “Stairway To Heaven.”  So, the song seemed like an appropriate title for our new staircase gallery wall.

We were a bit home-bound this weekend- I got a heavy dose of poison ivy last weekend and on Friday, I finally caved and went to the doctor for some relief.  I am finally a bit less itchy, but have felt so WEIRD on the steroids that it just seemed easier to lay low this weekend.  But, of course you probably know that I am entirely too restless to just read a book or binge of netflix (although I did a bit of each this weekend).

It was fun finding a way to incorporate our attire from the our wedding day.

Hence, I enlisted Daniel to help me build a gallery wall for our staircase.  I purchased several frames to use at our wedding, that mostly have been sitting in a box collecting dust.  We decided to embrace the new house/ newly wed vibes and make a wedding-themed gallery wall.  I love that we got to incorporate a few wedding gifts (shout out to my friend Lindsey and Daniel’s family friend Therese!).  I was also excited to incorporate Daniel’s boutonniere with a scrap of the hem of my wedding dress in a shadow box.

Among the family pictures taken on our wedding day, I love that we re-purposed pictures of our parents on their wedding day as well as both sets of my grandparents on their wedding days.  Two months into our marriage,  it still feels pretty easy.  When the road gets harder, it will nice to be reminded of the long marriages that came before us.

Of course we ended up with one empty space. We figured our save-the-date could be a placeholder until we pick up another frame. Funny story, it was like $2 more to get an extra 150 save-the-dates so we will be using them for random lists until at least our 5th anniversary 🙂

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