Let There Be Light

I have thought about blog posts a lot lately (in between client sessions, in the shower, driving to work), but as you may have noticed I have been quiet on here.  Married life is busy! I find I have less time to myself than before, and when opportunities present themselves I am often working in the garden, reading (I really enjoyed  Crazy Rich Asians), or watching my “girl shows” as Daniel likes to say (after the wedding I binge-watched all four seasons of Amazon’s series  Mozart in the Jungle”). 

However, despite the radio silence on here, Daniel and I have been getting stuff done around the house.  We made the goal to have our house “picture ready” for the wedding since I took my bridal “getting ready” pictures at home.  It was stressful, but before the wedding we finished two guest bedrooms and the entire first floor.  I will post those rooms when I have better lighting for pictures.  There’s definitely some dramatic “before & after pictures to come!

Melissa and I at her Aunt Jeannette’s house in Nelson County.

Yesterday, I was in Nelson County celebrating my friend Melissa’s bridal shower and got to squeeze in a visit with my brother’s family (side note: when do you switch from saying “couple” vs. “family”?  I think “family” is fair game once there’s at least a pet in the mix, therefore now that Brett and Emily have a dog they can be the “Evans Family.”  All and all, it was a lovely day.

My new “niece” Lucy.

I got home a little after ten, used the restroom and realized the master bath was BRIGHT. Unusually bright, and sure enough it was because Daniel replaced the light fixtures in both the master and guest bathroom upstairs.

The new fixture in the Master bathroom.
I think the new fixture brightens up the bathroom without totally clashing, buying us time before a big bathroom overhaul.

Previously, the master bath had an updated light fixture that simply was not our taste (and clashed with the still 1965 original bath) and the guest bath had the original florescent fixture that was just all-around awful. I suppose eight-months into our adventures in home ownership, Daniel has found a way to merge the vibe of our 1960s tri-level with my farmhouse/ french country style.

The new fixture in the guest bathroom upstairs. 

However, with updated light fixtures, the flaws of both bathrooms are all the more visible.  We will continue to debate how much we want to accomplish short-term vs. long-term.  How much we will DIY vs. utilize contractors… I am skeptical that Daniel and I have the tools and time to demo. and re-tile both bathrooms.

The laminate counters in both bathrooms are in horrendous shape– tons of stains that no amount of scrubbing will remove.
This sink (and the matching tub) inspired the guest bathroom’s nickname “Pink Tub Paradise.”


I suppose I better not leave for a long weekend anytime soon, Daniel might go rogue and start demo without me!






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